Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A person's a person, no matter how small.

Today, we march. We march for those who haven't been given the chance to breathe, to walk, to smile, to cry, to feel the warmth of the sun on their faces. We march for those who feel hopeless but don't give up on the greatness another life can bring into this world. We march for the sanctity of life.

Old school "etiquette" tells us that in order to make, keep, and entertain friends, we need to avoid these three topics: politics, money, and religion. We can now add abortion to that list. It seems to me that abortion is more fragile a subject than politics, money, and religion...put together in the same conversation.

My prayer for all those marching today is one of strength. I pray for the strength to fight the culture of death. Strength to pursue a life of purpose. Strength to persevere through the darkest of times, when we, too, may be tempted to think that it is ever okay to end another person's life. Strength to know what to say and when to say it. Strength to fall on our knees every day and pray for those who are hopeless. I pray for strength each day because every day is a march for life. Every day, we face a generation that is disappearing before our very eyes.

For those of you that don't have a clue what this post is about, it is in regards to the March for Life that happens year after year ever since Roe v. Wade made abortions legal in the United States of America. Yes, the very United States of America that raises up a flag symbolizing liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The reason you've probably never heard about it? The media. Every year, hundreds of thousands (probably half a million people) travel from around the world to Washington D.C. on the Monday nearest January 22. They march. They march in unity and prayer. They march right up to the steps of the Supreme Court to pray that one day, the decision of Roe v. Wade will be overturned. Half a million people unite, and they march for the ultimate sacrifice: love. 

See, over the years, millions of people have marched right up to the Supreme Court for one cause or another, and they've all been for causes that will affect each of those present. But the March for Life? The March for Life is the only SELFLESS cause because it doesn't affect those of us who have been gifted the freedom to live; it affects those who are murdered before they can take their first breath of air or give their first cry. Yet, it receives no attention. It's okay, though, because the power of God perseveres. Miracles happen every single day all around the world when a pregnant woman is about to get an abortion, to kill her child, and then she realizes that there is a child growing inside. A child that just wants to offer love, joy, and tenderness. A child. Not a fetus.

March for Life - Jan. 23, 2012 - Washington D.C. - Photographer: Unknown


  1. I was sad we missed seeing you. But what an amazing picture and such beautiful reflections.

    1. Hey, I was unable to attend, but my heart was there the whole day, marching. :)

  2. Hello Itali Marie ! I just wanted you to know that I Riona Nally did not take the above photo, that photo was downloaded from Yahoo images somehow. I have never been to a March, we were all participating in a Tweet Fest, and watching the event live on EWTN and live on Twitter, and we were sharing the images as they came in live on Twitter and were all having a great time talking about it all. We were lamenting that the mainstream media was not covering the March, which is why we were putting all the photos up on our Facebook pages and sharing them all over the place. Again I do not want to take credit for this photo, it was taken by a professional photographer. I just saw it on the newsfeed ! I hope you and the author of the photograph will realize that this was an honest and innocent misunderstanding. Thank you for your work on your Blogsites, Sincerely, Riona Nally