Sunday, January 8, 2012

21 things

Happy me!

For my 21st birthday, I thought I'd take some time to reflect over the past 21 years of my life. So here's a list of 21 things I'm grateful for:

  1. God. For being my protector, my confidante (sp?), my friend, my love, and my reason to live.
  2. My health.
  3. My boyfriend, Thomas.
  4. My bestie, Suri.
  5. My close friends, Katie M, Katie T, Diana, and Joy. Thank you each for being there to make my down days better and for making my up days reach even higher.
  6. My family. Not just my blood-family, but my family that I've gained though the years. You are all kept close to my heart, even when we lose contact...I still pray for you and love you dearly.
  7. My albino pooh bear. It's silly, but it's been the best pillow a girl could ask for. It's been my comfort through sad times, sick times, happy times, and for all those times the other pillows wouldn't comfort me.
  8. My car.
  9. The post office. For allowing me to be old-school and send out hand-written letters instead of just sending an email. So much more fun. :)
  10. Dr. Seuss, for making each birthday so much better at the end of the night.
  11. This country and all our armed forces, for allowing me the freedom to believe, the courage to speak my thoughts, and the right to learn.
  12. My mother. For giving everything she could for me, when she could.
  13. For silly little birthday cards that make my mascara run because of joy.
  14. My guitar, for letting me display my frustrations through your beautiful melodies.
  15. My teachers. Those who taught me lessons I'll never forget, those who inspired me to be someone greater, those who encouraged to follow my heart, and to those who told me to write, write, write and read like it's nobody's business. "Continue to write, self expression is so important. It can see us through some tough spots. Continue to read. Through books we can travel the world, become wise, travel through time."
  16. Pictures. Yes, pictures. Those I've taken and those in my memories. For, a picture is surely worth more than a thousand words.
  17. My hands. Without them, so much would not be accomplished. 
  18. My feet. Without them, so much would be left undone.
  19. My vision. Without it, I'd be blind to God's creation.
  20. Blankets, they surely make movie nights that much cozier.
  21. Last but not least, tutti. Strangers and kin, you all make my world go round. Your ideas, creativity, beliefs, and words. They all make me who I am today.
Happy birthday to me. :D

Totus tuus,


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