Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Time after time

I've been know how we have four seasons in a year? Well, I sort of have my own "seasons" too.

Winter = Hot cocoa season
Spring = Walking everywhere season
Summer = Arts & Crafts season
Autumn = Knitting season

Right now, I'm in my knitting season. I sit down to watch TV, and I knit. During my lunch break, I knit. I listen to music, and I knit! I have two projects I would like to finish soon. First, my scarf, which is currently switching colors from teal to white, and eventually it will change back to teal. Then, there's my blanket which I had to restart because there were so many holes and knots that it was impossible to keep going. I hope my blanket will be done by Christmas of 2012. :)

Since I'm living in Miami, it still feels like my art & crafts season, so every now and then, I make a few rosaries, bracelets, boxes out of magazines, or whatever new project interests me. 

I hope your autumn is going great so far, and that you enjoy whatever hobby you choose this season. 

God bless!


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