Saturday, July 9, 2011

Adieu! Adieu!

I realize I haven't written or posted anything in quite some time. My life has been an honest mess this past month somewhere between figuring out where I'm going to live and how to deal with the pain my family causes me.

First things first, I'm moving. Not just to another apartment but to a whole different city. I am moving back to Miami. (Lord, help me not go completely insane.) I hate the thought of moving back to the place that robbed me of my innocence, of my childhood, of becoming me, but I'm going back. I can't stand the thought of leaving Tallahassee, but honestly, it's time to say goodbye and move forward.

Dear Tally,

You've opened my mind in so many ways, and I cannot possibly thank you enough for that. Here, I got to know a very important I got the chance to learn about my political views, about the kind of person I wanted to be, and I learned about love and hate and letting go. Now, I actually have views on my religious affiliation, and I know what I believe. Tally, you allowed me to heal, to mature, and you let me know that it's perfectly fine to build up a few scars. "It builds character." :) Tally, you've given me more than I could ever ask for. You gave me the gift of independence, and for that, you will never be forgotten.