Thursday, June 9, 2011

Humble Lullaby

I sing to you
because it hurts.
I sing to you
because it's truth.
I sing to you
because of love.

I have no other way
of expressing my thoughts,
so let me sing my words
into a new lullaby.

Your sweetness,
your protection,
your warmth,
make me aware.

I know that you lived for me,
I know that you died for me.
I know that you'd do it all,
all over again for me.

My happiness can't be bought,
not with a smile or fool's gold.
Only with your light
can my lamp turn on.

Sweet mercy,
sweet escape,
don't leave me,
don't let this all fade.

My lullaby to you,
is not made for fools,
only for you my king,
my king who gave it all.

So let my voice portray
and paint the colors of my words,
that I may be closer to you,
in this humble lullaby.

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