Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Et Benedictus Fructus Ventris Tui

And blessed is the fruit of thy womb. I was watching Matt Maher's Holy Week video blog, and these words came to mind, "et benedictus ventris." First thing that came to my head was, "Oh, it's Latin!" Then..."Let me Google it!" Haha... :)

I couldn't help but think of just what beautiful phrase it is to say, and even more beautiful is what it means. When the angel appeared to Mary and told her she was with child, and she said yes to the Lord, it was just the beginning. The child within her womb was blessed...BLESSED. I mean, can you imagine an angel appearing to you while you're just making the morning coffee and tells you, "Oh, by the way...BOOM! You're pregnant. And it's a boy. His name's Jesus. Boom." Well, I'd be pretty psyched. Actually, I'd probably think, "Wow, this angel's vernacular is very in line with the times." Anyway, the fact that Mary went on and said yes to carrying Jesus in her belly for nine months and then give birth, that is just out of this world, amazing, and what I call true love and devotion to God.

It seems to me that during the Lenten season, mama Mary doesn't get that much attention (which is legit since we should be focused on the suffering of Christ), so with that, I'd like to point out a few things I'm grateful to mama Mary about. First off, she raised him to be the Godly and very holy man he is (He's Jesus...it doesn't get any holier). Secondly, she followed Jesus. She was with Him every step of the way. Not being a mother yet myself, I assume that the life of a mother consists of constant sacrifices for the children. Well, Mary being THE MOM of all moms, I bet she was with Jesus wherever He went, and I bet she was on her knees praying all the time...I mean that literally. Then, Jesus grew up into an adult, and off He went into the world to speak of God's undying love for the world.

Most of my friends are college students, and I know for a fact that the day they moved off to college, their moms were praying, crying, making sure everything they needed was available and that the kids had all the lists of emergency contacts there are. Moms (for the most part) don't really change. No matter how many thousands of years have gone by, Moms still care for their children. Mary cared for Jesus. She must have suffered so much during her lifetime. She was the mother of the man who was ridiculed and spat at. She was the mother of what some might've called a "wannabe." And to stand by your kid and support him, knowing that he truly is the Son of God. That is love. That is motherly love.

When Jesus went into the desert for forty days, going without food or drink, all by himself...well, I can't help but wonder...did Mary know? I wonder if Jesus let his mother know about this forty-day journey he was going on. Well, assuming that she didn't know, she must have been worried. Worry can sometimes kill a parent (figuratively). On the other hand, Him being the Son of God and all, maybe she didn't worry as much. :)

Suffering like no other. Jesus died for the world. He gave up his life for our sins, for my sins. There is no way of repaying Him for that because He did so out of LOVE for us so that we may find forgiveness. Mama Mary watched Him as he was scourged, spat at, disrobed, punched, kicked, and crowned with thorns, She watched it all, and as each moment passed by, her heart broke more and more. She cried for him, and she could do no more than just watch because she knew this had to happen. She sacrificed so much for the world on the day that Jesus died. She sacrificed her only son because she knew that His love for the world was greater than any other love. She knew that His love is ultimate love, intimate love, and infinite love.

Thank you, mama Mary, for your sacrifice that saved me from my sins.

Totus Tuus Mariae

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